Real Results Classic Physique Fullbody Workout

This program was inspired by the routines of the Golden Age of Bodybuilding. For more information on this program or regarding classic physique building, please visit the following forum thread: Classic Physique, Muscle Building, Workouts and Information Classic Physique Workout Perform Monday, Wednesday and Friday. [table id=20 /] * On Friday drop barbell rows and … Continue Reading

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How Much Weight Do You Use?

How much weight you use depends on your level of lifting experience. If you are a rank beginner, and all exercises are completely new to you, the last thing you want to do is load up a barbell with a heavy weight. Rank beginner. For the first several weeks it is important to get the … Continue Reading

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How To Get Big Biceps The Primal Way

I preach that you need very limited direct arm work to get big and strong arms. And I live by this dogma. Now I am not saying that a volume of sets for biceps and triceps won’t work; far from it. I am merely saying it’s not needed. You can believe me, or call me … Continue Reading

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How To Weed Through The Muscle Building Confusion

You can’t go more than a few minutes on a popular muscle building forum before you read something like this: Everyone says something different about muscle building workouts. I don’t know who to believe! If this is you, fear not. I will help you understand where the confusion comes from, and how to process it … Continue Reading

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Primal Powerbuilding Workout

The Primal Powerbuilding Workout is for experienced beginning lifters or intermediates who want to focus on adding both size and strength. To use this workout you must have a good understanding of exercise form and how to properly warm up. Unlike the Primal 531 Strength Building Workout, this approach is not periodized. Periodization is generally … Continue Reading

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Primal Dumbbell And Bodyweight Muscle Building Workout

The Primal Dumbbell and Bodyweight Muscle Building Workout is a fullbody program that can be performed at home, or at a gym with limited equipment. This workout is for beginners who have very little strength. It can be run successfully until you no longer have enough dumbbell weight to allow for basic progression. To perform … Continue Reading

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What Is The Rate Of Muscle Gain?

Assuming you are training properly and eating enough to make gains, you can expect to add the following amount of muscle mass each year: Year 1 – 16 pounds Year 2 – 8 pounds Year 3 – 4 pounds Year 4 – 2 pounds Year 5 – 1 pound These numbers are estimated averages, based … Continue Reading

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Can You Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time?

Can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time? This is one of the most popular questions on lifting forums across the web. Many of you would like a simple answer to this question. I can’t give you a simple answer because it’s a complicated question. Here are the two answers I often … Continue Reading

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Progression Of Weight: The Power Of Adding One Rep

Progression is the key to muscle and strength building. I often tell lifters to use this approach during each workout: Push yourself on every set, adding as many reps as possible without training to failure. When you can perform the recommended maximum number of reps for a set, add weight the next time in the … Continue Reading

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Which Workout Is Best For Fat Loss?

There is no best workout for fat loss. Most people have the goal of looking “toned”. The word toned implies losing fat while maintaining, or adding more muscle mass. To accomplish this goal you must: Push yourself. Push yourself in the weight room for more reps and weight when possible. This is called progression. When … Continue Reading

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